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Midnight liquid lipstick

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Very bold lipstick made in the USA !

Midnight liquid lipstick

There are 2 reviews of the product (Midnight liquid lipstick)

I was so excited to try this, as I've heard alot about this brand. The colour is nice upon application BUT that's the only positive I can find about this lipstick. Honestly this is the worst liquid lipstick I have ever used-EVER! The formula is thick. The desciption say's it can smudge and it does. It took about 20 minutes to dry down, but was smearing and getting all over the place in the mean time. Every time I took a drink of water there was a huge mark all over my glass, even after it was dried down and when I wiped my lips, a bright blue stain would transfer everywhere. The bright blue also smeared all over my upper lip and despite the fact it say's it does not stain, it has left a horrible stain all over my upper lip which is embarassing. I've tried removing the lipstick with oil, but it's left a terrible stain all over my lips and skin, that will not come off and has left a deep dark stain on the middle of my lips and also has gotten all over my teeth. I also made the mistake of kissing my husband on the lips with this on, after taking a sip of water and he's got a mark on him now, which looks like a bruise and is not coming off. I've had other blue lipsticks before, but never one so awful! I cannot recommend this at all. Quite upset as this was so expensive. I've bought many other lipsticks from this brand, from Spooky Vanity that I have yet to try, but now I'm worried that those too, might be as bad as this one.

Perfect dark navy blue. Despite the description, this lipstick is decently transfer proof for me. It does stain very slightly.

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