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From our perfumes emanate real scents made from delicate essences - essential oils, extracts of flowers, plants, wood and resin, perfumed oils from steam distillation and alcohol as well as "cosmetic" alcohol. Essential oils and fragrance extracts can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions; however, unlike industrial perfumes, they are free of preservatives and "fragrance separators" from the fragrance and cosmetics industry.


The use of natural substances (oils, extracts and essences) can cause slight variations in the "emanations" of our perfumes. In the case of synthetic perfumes for the cosmetics industry, a homogeneity is specified for the products, which is not possible for the natural products used as the basis for our perfumes.

In addition, fragrances from natural products "mature", which means that their "emanations" may change compared to those of synthetic fragrances.


We produce our own purely vegan flavours, i.e. without the use of animal products or by-products.

In addition, we completely renounce any experimentation of our products on animals.


All fragrances contain natural colorants that are created during the extraction of perfume bases and scents. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it on light coloured clothing and fabrics. In principle, fragrances should not be applied directly to mucous membranes, but to open clothing and/or skin in the open air.


The shelf life of our perfumes is considerably increased by the use of a purple glass bottle, opaque and containing no additives compared to those of the cosmetics industry. The minimum shelf life of our perfumes is 2 years after opening.


We wish you a lot of pleasure with your new fragrance.

Parfume Noire

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